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Ensure your commercial kitchen is meeting legal requirements using a Gas Interlock System (or G.I.S).

Gas Interlock Systems supplied and fitted from £995 plus VAT.

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What does a Gas Interlock System do?

A Gas interlock system (or G.I.S) is used to prevent the buildup of gases within commercial kitchens. It does so by ensuring that the there is no gas flow without the extraction system being active. Additionally, the G.I.S has an emergency button for shutting off the gas flow in the event of an emergency.

K.C.S. provides sales, installation, servicing, and repairs of Gas Interlock Systems. Gas safety is incredibly important to us, and ensuring our customers are complying with legal requirements is vital. By law (BS 6173), your commercial kitchen is required to have a Gas Interlock System in place if there are not flame failure devices on all gas appliances.

The importance of gas safety within commercial kitchens

Within the postcode ‘SO16’ alone, there has been a total of 392 gas safe incidents, of which 125 were concerning unsafe cookers. It is vital that you make sure all of your gas work is completed by Gas Safe engineers, such as K.C.S.’s, or else you are in danger of putting customers and employees at risk.

Unfortunately, gas is not always detectable. Carbon Monoxide, for instance, is incredibly difficult to detect since it is not visible, odorous, or able to be tasted. This makes it extremely dangerous, as people would be unaware they were suffering until they undergo symptoms.

Additionally, if your cooking system does not meet legal requirements you could receive a maximum penalty of £20,000 or two years imprisonment. To ensure your gas appliances and commercial kitchen are meeting legal requirements, call K.C.S. so one of our friendly engineers can come inspect your equipment.

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